How to Prepare for GATE?

Guys we have received many messages from the aspirant that how to prepare for gate exam. So we thought to write about this. Please read this article and plan accordingly.

Well we have divided this article in three category:
1. GATE Preparation for 2nd & 3rd year UG student.
2. GATE Preparation for 4th year UG Student.
3. GATE Preparation for Passout Student.
Jump to that section which is beneficial for you.
Before going in detail i would like to tell you that i am not biased towards any coaching institute and also i am not against it. I will suggest you according to your financial condition.

Section :1 (GATE Preparation for 2nd & 3rd year UG Student)
As you are in 2nd or 3rd year. So you have sufficient time for GATE.So don’t worry read this article and plan accordingly. You will achieve what you want.
To prepare for any competitive exam you must know the syllabus and also you must have the material. There is two way for GATE preparation: First is to join any coaching institute near your city  and follow what they are saying.You will not need anyone after joining coaching. They will guide you how to crack GATE. Second is to learn online from different platform like GATEMATIC (earlier known as Learn GATE Free) ,NPTEL etc. As you also have college routine so it would be difficult for you to manage semester as well as coaching.If you can manage the coaching with college routine and you have that much money then go for the coaching.If you don’t have money  then you can prepare from home also as you have sufficient time to prepare. First Buy Made Easy Handwritten Notes from Delhi it will cost you around 1000 Rs. After that refer Video Lecture given by GATEMATIC that is sufficient for cracking GATE as well as IES. For theoretical knowledge in detail refer NPTEL Videos. Most of you will feel boring but i make it easier for EE student.
For EE student I am providing you the NPTEL Handwritten Notes .You don’t have to write anything. Everything is written in the notes. Only you have to watch the lecture. So download the notes…take a printout….watch the lecture and refer the notes. So complete 2 lec per day and after completion of subject practice from Kanodia. Remember one thing just watching video lecture and not practising the question will not let you good rank. For gate practice is much much important. So practice from kanodia. Kanodia has many mistake and also you have not joined any coaching then how will you ask the problem??… for this no need to worry..we have one Facebook group (GATEMATIC) for doubt solving. If you are getting doubt in question while solving then post it in the group u will get solution. In this way your core subject will be completed. For NPTEL Video Link of the subject Click here. I will tell you to complete machine, power system, power electronics, control, network till 6 sem with practice. After you have one year for remaining subject. You can easily do after this.

Section :2 (GATE Preparation for 4th year Student)
As you are in fourth year so you have one year(less time) to crack GATE. I would suggest you to join coaching institute first and follow what the teacher are saying. It would be best for you.You can join any coaching like made easy, GATE Academy,ace academy ,kreatryx..all are good.But no any coaching will provide you free study. For that you have to pay. so for this you must be financially well. If you are financially not well then you have to follow the section: 1 above with some difference like you have to watch 3-4 lecture per day to complete the core subject in 2 month with practice then you have to move for other subject from made easy handwritten notes. Read Section 1 in detail and increase the study hour.

Section :3 (GATE Preparation after 4th year UG Student)
As you have given the gate exam one time and you have rank in your hand so u have three option. PSU Mtech or Job. For this i have written a separate article PSU/M.Tech/Job which one to choose?? Read this article once and plan according to your condition.

Good luck Aspirants, For Further query Join Facebook Group