Jigyasa Singh

Hello everyone. I am Jigyasa Singh. I have done, in ECE domain. I have my research papers published in International conferences. I am currently working with an Italian company that manufactures gearboxes, drivelines and mechatronics components. Life is short. They say “Have a passion, take the action”. My passion lies in teaching. Therefore, here I am, to co-build a platform where we provide free video lectures for students who are preparing GATE. Our society is constantly trying to convince us that you can’t crack competitive exams without coaching. The core objective of GATEMATIC is adamant on breaking this myth. This platform is not for the rich or poor, it’s for the one’s with a determination of doing something big on their own. I intend to propel them forward, empower them for better. By no means, I have all the wisdom of the world & by no means I know all the answers but I do know that I am working for the cause I believe in, which is selflessly helping aspiring students to achieve their dreams. I am thankful to my family, whose time I always snatch to invest in GATEMATIC. I am also glad that I got to know Sohail. It just took few conversations to know that we share same ideologies. I am proud of us on how far we’ve bought GATEMATIC, the way we are managing it and what we are carving it into. I am and will do my best for GATEMATIC by contributing in the best way I can & making it reach par excellence. And to my students, I hope I passing the message that there is someone, who knows the battles you are fighting and helping you win it.
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“Life is what we make it, always have been, always will be.”