3 Months Preparation Strategy for GATE Exam

‘IF U WANT TO GO FAST, DO IT ALONE…..IF U WANT TO GO FAR, DO IT TOGETHER’ choice is ur whether u want to go fast or far….u have 3 month left for GATE exam…so proper time management for test series as well as revision is necessary..this is the time where most of the aspirants loose hope whether they will be able to make it or not..most aspirants starts to think in negative direction and loose hope…this is something like u have started 1000m race and after completing 800m race u thought someone lead u, someone is running more faster than u…and u loose hope…but let me tell u..u don’t know someone may fall at 900m..someone may loose his stamina at 990m…so if u think positively and run consistently then may be there is chance that u may lead everyone at 999m….think about it..don’t think what others is doing…think that what u have to do in these 3 months..we started at same time we practiced differently so output will be different thats for sure..but loosing hope is not the solution..solution is to run consistently and judge ur potential ,what u did mistake till now , analyze that mistake and make a proper plan for 3 month and see the positive result….i remember one scene from sultan movie where salman khan fight with one pahalwan without preparing just to make sure that at what level he is from the topper then after 30 days of training he pin down the topper…same concept is applied in gate exam also… one is perfect but we have the capability to make ourself in to perfection…these 3 month is very crucial for u…so start giving subject test, analyze ur mistake and note down ur mistake in tym before giving exam read those mistakes which u did earlier…this time u will do different mistake..again write this way u will analyze ur 10-15 mistake which u r doing regularly…now before giving next test again read those 15 mistake and keep in mind and again give test..u will notice that u r not doing mistakes..every aspirants will get their 10-15 regularly that mistake and see the result..without studying new concept ur 8-12 marks will get improved…so instead of studying new concept work on the would be funny to read that mistake but do this …..ur efficiency will get improved…give one subject test(ex:NETWORK) per day and analyze after giving test..then take one different subject(Ex: signal) for reading this way u will cover two subject at a time..make a proper plan according to ur not loose hope..when u will complete network then start giving subject test of signal and then take control for reading concept..this routine u should follow from monday to friday…saturday,sunday u have to revise what u did in a week..means u have to revise network signal…got it…in this way u can easily do 2 subject in a within one month ur syllabus will be completed…so do this in nov..then for december perocedure will be same..but instead of 2 subject at a time take 3 subject and complete in 10 days..same procedure…after doing this…in january give full length test alternate day…write down ur marks,no of questions attempted,and no of question u did wrong…first start analyzing ur mistake where u r doing mistake..and again write down ur silly mistakes in a copy and read that mistakes..ur mistakes will get improved with this practice..then revise 3 subject in those day in which u give full length test and remaining subject on second day in which u are not giving full length test…do not study new concept in january..u have to work on ur silly mistakes only… not share ur marks with those guys who demotivates u…u can share ur marks with me…i will try to improve ur result…so guys practice this and see the unexpected result…..all the best guys..if u are having nay problem then join our facebook group GATEMATIC Education ask ur query…happy studying..