Time Management for GATE Exam

Hi guys, i am getting lots of messages asking about how to manage the time for proper revision. Most of the aspirants are studying subject but they are forgetting the previous one which leads them in frustation. So i thought of writing a separate article for time management.
See to get success in any competitive exam u have to make a proper schedule and follow till ur exam is not done.So i am giving u proper schedule u can follow this. However the subject may vary according to ur preparation.

  1. Always take two subject at a time, one for studying concept (ex: Machine) and other for revision (ex: Network)
  2. Wake up at 5:00AM
    Start your schedule with this time in which most of the aspirants fail to wake up. Why i m telling u to wake up at 5:00AM.?? Pick up the biography of any successful person and see their wake up time, they wake up in between 4-6am morning and start preparting for the day. For preparation also u need to wake up early because at this time ur mind and environment both are fresh so when u will study then it will go directly in to your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank. Its capacity is virtually unlimited. It permanently stores everything that ever happens to you.). This will help u to MEMORIZE the concept & formula and it will be remain for long time. So revise NETWORK in between 5:00-7:AM which u have already completed.1 hour for reading the concept from short notes which u have made while studying and 1hour for solving important problem. This strategy will help those students who completed the subject but they forget in less time.`you can add exercise after 5AM if u want however it is not necessary for gate aspirants. So this strategy u should follow monday to friday.Do not give one subject more than one week for revision. After one week change ur subject in this time range. I know its hard to wake up at this time but believe me this is possible I m following this time not for gate but for my research and mtech schedule. Whatever u got doubt in this subject post in the group(Learn GATE Free) for doubt solving.
  3. 7:00-7:30 AM
    This is the time in which u will check ur brain that how much u have revised and how much in ur brain. Leave the room and walk in the park or go to roof top and revise those things which u studied in 2 hours without any book or copy opened. This will give u an idea that how much efficiency ur brain have and make a tree in ur mind that today i have studied this much and have practiced this much in which these concept are very important bcoz it has been asked in gate many this u have to revise in 30 minutes. This exercise will help to memorize for long time and u will not forget easily.This time frame will check ur brain efficiency and also u will inhale the fresh air in the morning which keeps ur body active whole day.
  4. 7:30-9:00AM
    In this u can get freshed, take a bath and listen some music for rebooting ur mind.
  5. 9:00AM-3:00PM
    This time i will divide in three categories:
    (a) For 4th year & M.Tech Guys
    As u have college in this time so go to the college and do ur college work in this time. Also if time permits you then take one subject for studying concept (i.e. MACHINE) and practice the problem in between this time.
    (b) For dropper
    As u dont have college so u can read subject atleast 3 hours in this time frame and solve atleast 50 numerical. Then u can take rest and enjoy.
    (c)Those who joined coaching they can shift this 6 hours of time with their coaching and shift the remaining time according to that.
  6. 4:00PM-6:PM
    Sleeping time or do whatever u want to do in order to get fresh. I sleep in this time frame bcoz i already get exhausted after giving 6-8 hours of time in college. So sleeping would be the best option.
  7. 6:00-9:00PM
    Study Machine in detail and practice atleast 30 numerical in between this time frame with concept. This will continue till 12-15 days depending up the level of the subject but do not give more than 15 days to any subject for study. For revision 7-10days maximum.Now whatever u got doubt in numerical post in our group(Learn GATE Free) and go for the dinner. Eat well and come again to see whether ur doubt has been resolved or not. Do not waste so much time on facebook. Utilise the time in solving the numerical only…not any other stuffs. So scroll the facebook group page per day  in order to solve the numerical from machine and network. Use FB Group for 1.5 hour and sleep at 11:00PM so that u can again wake up at 5:00AM. Now here also most of the guys donot sleep at 11pm. This will affect ur next day schedule so sleep at the right time…maximum at 12AM otherwise u will not be able to wake at 5 am and u cannot able to follow this schedule. This will give u negative thoughts in ur brain that you are not able to do this. So sleeping is necessary so that ur mind will work at 100% efficiency. Now after 10 days shift ur main subject for revision and take a new subject. (I mean take Machine for revision and take power system for study and practice). In this way u can complete all the subject in 5 months easily. Before 3 months of GATE exam, give subject test in revision time (in between 5:00am-7am) and analyze the mistake and work on it. Complete the subject test in 2 months and in last month take full length test, analyze the weak portion and work on it by studying from short notes which u have made while studying.Do not study new things in last month. Wound up those subject which u have already completed by reading from the short notes and giving full length test.
  8. Now the most important thing is that u have to maintain the consistency. What will happen if u wont able to wake up at 5AM??…u cannot able to revise the subject and u will forgot which u have already studied means u will be at same level. No increase in ur performance. This nature will separate u from ranker. So you have to wake up per day and u have to follow this schedule for ur dream. This schedule u can follow only when u have strong desire to crack GATE exam otherwise u cannot able to follow this even for one week. So those who are preparing for GATE exam make sure that u should have a very strong reason for craking GATE Exam. This schedule is possible and i am following this with little slide means i m sleeping at 1:00AM and wake up at 5:00AM. So this is possible.
    If u have still doubt how to make a proper plan then post in the comments below or u can ask in our Facebook group(Learn GATE Free). All the best guys. Hope we will see some ranker from our group.Happy Studying..